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A data meshing of instructional videos and found footage, this performative documentary explores new age relationships and their precursors, why there's no one around me, and where my disconnections lye.  This project started as an investigation into societal pressures for a documentary class at my university, Virginia Tech. Created by utilizing the concept of finding love and the need for connection, I choose to highlight my own journey and commentary.  Edited in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. This film has been officially selected into two festivals and screened at:


Portland, OR on Oct. 11th 2019,

along with New Orleans, LA from Oct. 16th - 23rd 2019 Cinema Reset portion of

the festival

This film will also be included in a travel exhibition during the 2020 within a showcase featuring Women in Film across the US

and Europe.

(details soon to come)


The full short is also viewable at the bottom of this page.


TBD 2020      GRRL HAUS CINEMA | Europe and US: Potential Locations

Oct 17th-22nd, 2019      New Orleans Film Festival: Cinema Reset | HUB (Contemporary Arts Center), New Orleans LA

Oct. 12th 2019      Portland Unknown Film Festival | DISJECTA, Portland OR

Dec. 22nd-29th, 2018      nukhufest | (Online Screening/Competition) New York, NY

Dec. 6th, 2018      SOPA Student Showcase | Theater 101, Blacksburg VA

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