An experimental short designed to investigate the animalistic characteristics of human anatomy.  Modernity has allowed for a separation in how the human species identifies themselves within the animal kingdom. The film magnifies the landscape of a face using editing and imagery to contextualize the organic natural form to emphasis the genetic texture.  This piece attempts to consider the constructed placement of humans within our innate natural setting, being the existence on this planet.  Shot on an IPhone with a macro len, this film has been selected for multiple film festivals with a current group exhibition listed below.  The full film can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Dec. 17th, 2018      SIFF - Switzerland International Film Festival | Europe and US: Potential Locations

August 24, 2018      Moonrise Film Festival | 2357 Pooley Street, Wells BC

Jan. 14th 2018      Los Angeles CineFest 2018 | (Online Screening) Los Angeles CA

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